Agrimark Europe's Partners

At Agrimark Europe we work especially close with our customers, offering a hands on approach throughout communications, with a traditional focus to develop business relationships based on understanding and trust. This relationship is the key ingredient to the success of both of our organisations, as we rely upon each other’s honest and active communications not only about the commodities, but also about one other’s marketplace. Agrimark Europe’s suppliers use our company as their extended marketing agent as we enable them to reach markets that would be extremely difficult without our commitment. We provide our suppliers with a fair and equitable service that helps them obtain the best for their commodities within international markets.

Our long term supply agreements help us maintain product availability throughout the course the year and ensure we maintain competitive rates even when there is uncertainty in the market. Transportation plays an integral part within our service as costs are constantly changing as the economy shifts to balance supply and demand. By working with expert logistic companies this enables us to enhance our logistical capabilities and assist us in delivering our products to any location in the world in the most efficient manner.

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