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Agrimark Europe is a global marketer and distributor of fertilizers, animal feeds, drilling fluids and carbon products and holds manufacturing capabilities. We are committed to connecting producers, processors and consumers around the world within our chosen sectors. A privately held company, Agrimark Europe has been agile enough to move into new markets and meet evolving industries and most importantly our client’s needs. Over the past few years, we have continued to expand our product offerings and operational facilities to include a broad range of new commodities.

Agrimark Europe’s four divisions are poised for continued growth, with new opportunities arising across the company to enter into new international markets. We aim to deliver the highest level of service and products for all our clients and take pride in the reputation we have built, by ensuring we honor all our commitments at any given time in the most efficient manner. Our expertise is based on fulfilling contractual obligations for our customers over and beyond what is required, which includes sourcing, processing, storing, shipping, documentation, on-time deliveries and keeping in regular contact with our clients throughout the process. The trading business requires numerous elements that must all come together in order for the consumer to receive their products on-time and at the best possible price and this is what we do best.

  • Management with experience of International distribution of fertilisers for past 25 years
  • Vessel sizes ranging from single containers to 25,000 metric ton vessels in size.
  • Supply fertiliser related products, such as Animal Feed Phosphates.
  • Sourcing quality products from European/ Mediterranean/ North African/ Far East manufacturers.
Agrimark Europe’s management have been active in the international distribution of fertilisers for past 25 years, and we are able to pass this benefit on to our clients by way of sourcing quality products from European/ Mediterranean/ North African/ Far East manufacturers to meet specific requirements, and by ensuring that proper packaging and freight factors of shipments are met. We also supply fertiliser related products, such as Animal Feed Phosphates, Calcium Carbonate, Gypsum, etc.
Agrimark Europe has been active in the sourcing and distribution of carbon products for the past 20 years. The carbon products sourced are manufactured to ISO 9001 standards, or higher. Our main carbon products of supply are Graphite Powders, Calcined Coke, and Coconut Shell Steam Based Activated Carbon, that are produced to ISO 9001 certified standards.
  • Our own production in UK is maintained to ISO 9001 standards.
  • Carbon products sourced are manufactured to ISO 9001 standards REACH registered
  • Pride ourselves in sourcing high quality carbon materials
  • Graded to meet customer specifications
  • Packaging can be made to meet clients requirements

Agrimark Europe can source and supply a range of its products that are applicable for oil drilling mud manufacturing.

We are also able to supply a range of other chemical products that are listed in section marked other.

  • Supply a range of products for oil drilling mud manufacturing
  • Supply a range chemical products
  • Deliver at competitive prices Contact us if your company is looking for products which are not listed
  • Properly handling UK customs clearance of imported goods
  • Unburdens companies from unwanted responsibilities
  • Responsible in its commitment to security of shipments
  • Maintained at high standards at all times
Agrimark Europe provides the added service of properly handling imported goods before they leave the port of origin. We oversee the transport from port to client’s inland warehouses.
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